Burlesque /Moulin Rouge Photoshoot during a bachelorette party.

Some call it Burlesque, some call it Moulin Rouge, what remains here is an exciting photoshoot in the Red Light District. Completely in burlesque style.

Immerse yourself in the turn of the last century. Wild paris and it’s famous can-can dance. Here at Funny Photoshoot we have a shoot completely in the style of the ‘30s. Sexy, exciting, daring and benevolent – our goal is to have a good time!

Here the bride-to-be or birthday star will be put in the spotlight. Like a true show girl you will be put on stage. First by your self – and then with your friends. You’ll all be showgirls – dressed up if you wish from the clothing in our wardrobe (bring your own pair of pantyhose for hygienic reasons)

Skirts up and legs in the air – holding a glass of sparkling wine. Your bachelorette party enters a new dimension equipped with hats, wigs and fan-shaped accessories – we have it all here at the Funny Photoshoot studio. Bringing your own clothes is also no problem. Here you can do (almost) anything.

Because you get the pictures send to your email you can use and share them for many years to come!

Bienvenue chez Funny Photoshoot Burlesque

This photoshoot takes about 60 minutes and can also be booked for smaller groups.

After the photoshoot you are also gifted a couple of prints and we send all the taken photo’s to your email.

It’s necessary to book ahead of time.

Price per person: euro 25,- tax included