Participants of the Funny Photoshoots events acknowledge, and agree with the following terms and conditions set up to protect both parties during, and after said event.
  • 1.Photo’s will be taken only with stated permission by the participant.
  • 2. Acknowledges the rights of the photographer with respect to the photo’s taken. Photo’s may not be sold to third persons by either party, but may be replicated and/or reproduced and distributed for promotion solely inteded for the photographer and/or the Funny Photoshoot studio.
  • 3.Participants may insist to not to give permission for promotional distribution on behalf of the Funny Photoshoot studio, in which case the images captured are not to be used in any commercial way by either party.
  • 4.The photographer and Funny Photoshoot can not be held responsible for the actions of non-participating passersby.