Funny Photoshoot Christmas Shoot

The funniest holiday photoshoot right in Amsterdam City Center!

Enjoy a festive, fun and totally Dutch photo shoot in the lively city of Amsterdam. Perfect for creating your own Christmas card and to share with your friends online!

The Funny Photoshoot Christmas shoot is suitable for groups of friends but works just fine if you’re by yourself too. We have a great selection of holiday themed clothing and everything needed to get your Christmas photoshoot up and going! And because it’s the holidays, santa will make sure there’s a special festive beverage for you to share during the photo shoot.

All photo’s taken will be send directly via e-mail, so you’ll have all the shots we took and have your own Christmas card made in no time!

A photoshoot is requested in no time. Fill in the fields in the form and mark two dates that would suite you. Some days might be filled up, so in advance we’d like for you to let us know what a second preferred date would be for coming by.

Request the Christmas Photoshoot!